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  • Would you like your company have an established model and systems in place?
  • Would you like each department to be trained based on the owner’s vision?
  • Would you like to be in a position to expand your company without worry?
  • Do you find yourself repeating training and constantly having to reinvent your procedures to fit the staff verses implementing your vision?
  • Does this occur due to lack of internal departmental structure and not having systemizations in place?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact us TODAY! 

Free Live Event With Dora

Thursday June 19th 2014
Thursday, June 26th 2014

How To Start & Maintain a Successful Business  

Explore the 10 huge mistakes most Solo-Entrepreneurs make that keep them struggling to EXPAND in a BIG WAY by launching additional business locations. Implementing these simple techniques will save you TIME & MONEY.

If you are thinking of starting a business,


Duplicating Your Business System Model With Raine Growth Partners

If you are thinking about duplicating your business locally or statewide, before franchising; you have come to the right company!

At Raine Growth Partners, we work directly with self-employed professionals and sole proprietor businesses, to optimize staff and departmental performance, so that your business model can be duplicated, by launching additional locations, to guarantee growth and profit. While balancing family and home. 

Many people dream of being able to set up a business and put it on autopilot so that they can focus on things they enjoy, but few actually accomplish it. While it may seem difficult to implement, your business model can actually be set up to run on an automated basis! 

RGP clients go through an affordable step-by-step process to develop their internal departmental operating model affording you the time to focus on growth and profit as your team carries out your vision. Unlike other companies we do not give you 40 plus pages to fill out. We work directly with you giving you the individual attention you require. As a business model system developers, we have the experience, resources, and infrastructure to guide you through building your internal business model and system, every step of the way by adding value to your business, which will in turn, when implemented, produce new locations, growth and profit

Let's Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot

Establishing and implementing internal control systems for a small business is not necessarily a complex extensive process initially, but it requires careful examination of your company's managerial objectives. It may simply require looking at the organizational structure and identifying what checks and balances must be put in place and where, who will report to whom, what reports and payments are due and when, and who is responsible for what. 

Every company that is a million to billion Dollar Company has an internal system allowing them to duplicate their module nationally and internationally.


Come and meet other Solo-Entrepreneurs, as you encourage, support, and JOIN FORCES with those who are thinking & profiting in a BIG WAY in their business. 

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 ~Benefits that come with growth... Profit!

~The types of businesses that should open more locations

~How to design a business model if you do not have one

~The benefits that come with restructuring your business

~Legal stuff that is required and lead time

~Balancing your vision & not sacrifice your family in the process

~Staying focused on the bigger picture YOUR VISION, in a BIG WAY 

~Connect with other like-minded Solo-Entrepreneurs 

~Obtaining the finances to expand and launch more locations

~How long it possiblily will take to see a return on your investment